A Nonprofit Educational Corporation


Research Origins

The research origins of The National Learning Laboratory can be traced to the collective staff experience of researchers and developers in engineering, neuroscience, psychology, economics and education. All NLL personnel and key advisors were trained at The University of Texas at Austin in engineering, science, experimental psychology, medicine and law.


Education Experience

Education experience includes the recognition for excellence from the American Dental Health Association for K-12 curriculum development based on science and values. Key NLL personnel helped launch Public Law 94-142, creating the first pilot project in the United States for mandated individualized instruction of handicapped children (Special Education) and the integration of these children into the system of free public education. This work, also known asChild Find and The Handicapped Hotline, received the highest local, state, regional and national awards for excellence, including the Blue Ribbon at The American Film Festival, the Gold Medal at The International Film and Television Festival in New York and located thousands of children being kept at home who were entitled to a free, appropriate education.


Public Education Experience

Public education experience includes pioneering work in citizen participation in planning for The National Endowment for the Arts to protect the environmentally sensitive Edwards Aquifer (The San Antonio City Edges project), a project which received the highest awards for excellence in communication, design and public relations, and resulted in Dallas Decisions and New Directions for Corrections for The United States Department of Justice. Staff experience also includes the first Adopt-a-School, a program created for The Dallas Chamber of Commerce desegregation effort that has grown into a recognized program for school support and reform.


Public Policy Experience

Key personnel contributed to environmental programs and public interpretations of The United Nations International Year of the Child and served on many special projects as a management consultant to The White House staff during the Carter Administration. NLL staff experience includes the writing of policy and public statements for private foundations and being selected to help plan and organize major conferences on Urban Planning, Urban Design, Economic Development and The National Conference on Injury Prevention to bring together all parties to pass national seat belt and safety laws.


Education Funding Experience

Work for The Charitable and Educational Foundation of Texas created a successful development tool for Marva Collins and The Westside Preparatory School in Chicago. Work for The State of Pennsylvania’s Department of Education led to the creation of a computer simulator of the state education finance process, showing the economic and polictical impact of key policy decisions in special education. A first longitudinal study of 287,000 students over a three year period revealed patterns and solutions for a $100 Million dollar deficit in Special Education.


Research Experience

Research experience includes pre-NASA training of the earliest astronauts — the space monkey program — including hematologic and radiation studies as well as research for The Office of Naval Intelligence, The Applied Research Laboratory and The Defense Research Laboratory, Balcones Research Centerand The University of Texas at Austin. Additional experience includes The Central Institute for the Deaf, Washington University School of Medicine andEl Instituto de Investigaciones Cerebrales in Mexico City.


Engineering and Development Experience

Staff experience includes recognition for academic excellence and employment with IBM, Motorola, Data General, TRACOR and INMOS. Highlights of these experiences include the launching of the 68000 microprocessor, an essential component of Apple’s Macintosh computer, consultation on a variety of problems with microelectronic corporations (including NCR, DCSI, Pacific Numerix, West End Film and Honeywell), the marketing of medical instruments, hearing testing equipment and the launching of the vision screener for automatic eye testing.


Economic Development Experience

During the early stages of The National Learning Laboratory, community advisors were sought with a broad range of experience in non-profit organization development. New thinking about rural economic development includes the International Conference on Urban Design. Concepts for Blackhole Economicswere developed based on the notion that economic systems are not based on supply and demand, but based instead on ideas organized into economic systems and feedback loops to create self-sustainable economic systems. Applications of neuroscience and biotechnology to economic development problems led to the discovery of biological learning needs and the emerging field of study – internal technology.