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Neogenesis Inc

A Breakthrough Result: Internal Technology

Neogenesis is pioneering the field of internal technology — the ability to know a subject matter so well and so confidently that you can access instantly and perform correctly, creatively and critically with confidence. Most people have believed such performance ability was reserved only for the gifted and the studious and that areas for professional performance training were limited to external technology advancements.

Very little of what Neogenesis has developed comes from education. It comes instead from biotechnology, neurophysiology, psychobiology, gambling, economic development and addiction.

Neogenesis/The National Learning Laboratory

In 1989, when it was apparent that Neogenesis research and discoveries would have major implications for education, Neogenesis endowed The National Learning Laboratory with all public school (K-12) rights to new methods. We gave it a specific mission to bridge the gap between research laboratory and public solution. The Charitable and Educational Foundation of Texas also endowed this nonprofit research and development facility.

The mission of The National Learning Laboratory is to make learning culturally appropriate, accessible and affordable to everyone by the year 2OOO. It is well on the way to achieving that mission. The basic research is done. The essential tools are in place and in the final phases of testing and development.

So Far, Everyone Learns

Patents have been filed on a new method of instruction and curriculum development and its application on any electronic device. The first of these patents has been awarded by The United States Patent Office as well as many international Patent Offices.

After many years of research, laboratory and field testing, we now begin to announce a body of research results. These results indicate that students and adults are able to learn quickly and reliably to the highest academic and performance standards — regardless of race, age, socioeconomic level, neighborhood or family values, school reform issues, parental involvement, prior school performance, standardized test scores or IQ scores.

New Tools for a New Future

We believe we face a future in which excellence and equity need not wait for public and political attitudes to change. As we approach the point when these new tools will become commercially available, we continue to work toward the lowest possible cost and the greatest possible continuing advantage for those who have become research associates in experimental field testing programs.

Welcome to the world of research and development where tomorrow seems always just around the corner. We are proud of the work of The National Learning Laboratory and pleased to welcome you to our outpost in the Rocky mountains.

D. L. Collins, President

Neogenesis, Inc.

January, 1996

What we must decide is how we are valuable, not how valuable we are.

The Decade of the Brain

Neogenesis, Inc. is an applied research and science laboratory in its ninth year of development. Neogenesis’ research and development group combines information from diverse fields to create innovative, insightful new solutions to public problems. The first of these solutions has been awarded a patent and is ready for commercialization. Additional patents are pending.

New learning methods from Neogenesis are based on meeting the biological learning needs of individuals and have direct applications to the public policy problems of high skill job training in an information age, public health, the criminal justice system with significant implications for the economic development and literacy development problems of undeveloped countries and inner city neighborhoods. Neogenesis solutions will play a large part in the strategy for the development and delivery of new cellular, satellite, PDA and fiber-optic programs and devices.

Growing out of information age economics and the problems of intellectual property development with information, new Neogenesis methods of education and training have broad implications for global and local problems including high skill job performance, academic performance, at-risk students, learning disorders, delinquency, gangs, prisons, racism, immigration, job training, downsizing, unions and learning organizations.

The company is currently engaged in research on personal development, expert systems, new information systems and the automation of the process of forgetting. Forgetting turns out to be a much more valuable human function than the capacity to remember, despite the high value our culture places on learning. New research will focus on physical, medical, psychological, sociological and biological correlates of learning, including the connection of neuroscience to behavior. The source of personality and attitudes about learning, decisions making, organizational growth and the ability to perform are key research issues.